Enjoy your swim
Someone has drawn on your leg
I was actually just having a conversation with my uncle do you mind if I call him back? Thank you for allowing me

Dollar bills rippled from the illusion of a placed pole or planted shrub – someone’s stress materialized. Deadlines are the death.

You have to smell like them
The jig is up in the Western suburbs
Bob your head to the transparent rhythm
The written words of an elderly confession
Stumble into the skatepark
Even if it’s true, it’s not nice
One minute sweetie, it’s on the platform

Not a more depressing array of humanity than on the last train of people staring into their haphazard images in a blackened window selection

Smug in your denim
red-eyed in pleats
slim fingered fashion statement
invitational angst
chew chew chew
vomit on your leather
dropping eyelid revolt

double denim straight teeth

Sitting on the stone steps you can hear children’s voices echoed around you in a sort of eternal hum- dome makes you feel like you’re in a horror film and across the grass you can hallucinate/see an old man who is not really there carry a white lawn chair to the middle of the field and strip down holding his cock while he watches the children come out of their classrooms. One of the kids says it’s raining – not sure if it’s true or not … probably snap back to sanity and be drenched on the stone steps with the kids have gone home hours ago mental recap of the day she saw a picture of your laying naked on her father and talking about Germany with a nose ring dangling out of your nose feeling sick as you pass through the town that gobbles your money worrying about the van in the church yard trying to save money but drinking ten coffees a day actually the coffee doesn’t sit well anymore try something a bit more spicy a faraway friend asking for a copy of your work but don’t you know that nothing comes free? it’s time to finish the interviews

this whole weird trip is written in the glow of a rear view mirror

how are you? yeah, fine, asleep. asleep? yeah, asleep.

you believe in religion the same way you cheer for your dad’s hockey team


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