takes the coffee order gets in his car and drives away/ that’s fine but who will give me the wifi password now? this notebook is crap

Stop dreaming of the purple donkey sip your foam read Bukowski. The homeless are getting their clothes washed today opposite the exploding bookshop that never sells grip your handle bars tighter take the train if you’d like hopefully i’ll still be on the other end how old is George Clooney now? 56.

Raise your pinky finger to a sip of charcoal tell your friends to come visit you shatter your (tranquility/ depression) what is a liberal? still $200 a year for shoes is it an investment? I wish I were wearing something cooler notebook snapback letters blur you can do something about nearly every internal depression but you can’t change the letters on a visa stamp or come up with $45 for the black fur jacket. India’s home anyways. Are you ready to leave? No, i’ve still got half a coffee left

Lady, you forgot to lock your car and to buy a pencil sharpener. Put on your nice voice for the phone call. Oh, you’re so miserable how do you stand yourself?

A jar of sugar to choke down like cinnamon blue paisley tattoo or gay pride memorabilia slouching is good for your crooked spine/ this pencil is good for nothing. record your addresses granny pitched voice cracking the window panes in my head tone down your perfume what’s wrong with your sense of smell?

Handwritten therapy as true as astrology

Rain cheque for an electric blanket

Spiked drinks down an alligator throat

Lava lamp light bulb

Oh, virgo? Go away then please

Did you order a hangover bagel?

The grass isn’t wet I swear stand up to a soaked bottom have you seen the ferris wheel yet? Maybe you could rent a bike do you want to go to the art gallery? the walking trip lasts ten minutes i’ll put it on hold for half an hour then release it back to the store i’m so sick of seeing your dog that’s not stunning to cover your face in tinfoil. do you want to learn how to play the digeroo? happy birthday enjoy your jail whereabouts are you at the moment?

I can’t do it, go home. I can’t face people today the ant crawling has thrown me off can we go see a movie or something hello is this mike they’ve run out of toilet paper over there and have a big mess what if I took someone else to the cat cafe? the pigeons are judging me and trying to eat the rubber off my bicycle tires but the ants got their first/ I spent the morning at the op shop and still want to go back. I wish I brought my camera. Soaked – I swear the grass isn’t wet.

Run over by a motorcycle in a back alley. I saw your boyfriend under the staircase – he ran away. I guess I walk fast but can you please hurry up do you actually want to go on a road trip together? Aren’t I too boring? Up north, surely for the sunshine and it remedy to the lack of camera brought on the last trip. Oh, you’re horrible shouting at the yellow-clad children putting on a happy role in the presence of parents I remember my grade three teacher got so mad at the class for talking that she slammed the door so hard the glass panel shattered

My grade one teacher bought me a bag to hold my crochet needles in so I didn’t poke anybody’s eyes out. safety hazard kindness I had a crush on my grade six teacher so made sure to anyways hand my work in on time and he repaid me with an invite to his wedding. What a drag!

Power kick of the ignorant


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