your great grandfather went to war. came home and taught his sons and daughters that they must respect them now that they are veterans. Those sons and daughters had sons and daughters who they taught to respect them because they were children when there was a war going on and that’s what their parents taught them. Those sons and daughters of the sons and daughters of the war veterans had children who they tried to teach that they must respect their elders. But they did nothing to deserve respect and complained to all retail workers across the globe.

Culture of mandatory respect is dead. Give respect to those who earn it. And they call us damn millennials with no respect for the elders because you call them out on their antiquated racism and sexism.

Right, respect.

Have you finished your chocolate milk? Accidentally killed the bug while hippies used the F word. Half-eaten yogurt in the fridge but surviving off the chocolate stash instead – wake up to I love you’s I don’t deserve try to get you to come back to bed – this is the best part

Scrabble diary
Chocolate refuge
Offended cat/
Pat cat

Heaviness of a blanket weighted a thousand pounds. I see a red ferrari every time I go to Rockingham car talk on public transport this train goes express that’s not what the intercom said test your luck against human genius buy the winning ticket for a computerized voice

Grounded mattress bragging about a bedside table too much neil young taking the kids off the street moving to a friend’s farm as long as you can still have fairy lights most worried about a stuck Ikea mirror hung mocking pictures competitive scrabble of two non-intellectuals where is the sandal wood candle? I feel responsible but you insulted my cat/ called it fat/ a way to relate to the kids why am I telling you this? Oh okay see you Thursday don’t peek at the shaped board I guess we can’t go to that but wasn’t that just the discussion yesterday …

glamourize the mistreatment from your daddy .. do you like older guys now?

you spell eerie eerily. put it in a magazine, it’s a good outlet what’s mine is always yours
guess we can’t then
tumbled words are never second guessed when coming out between a moustache and a beard but torn apart when coming out of lip-gloss-lips

looking forward to when ten dollars isn’t a lot of money mental fissures drain into the mop bucket the mean girls are still mean this place has kept me sane kept me consistent day dreaming of a one-way ticket … sometimes … is it real or temporary? is he the one?

I like you but sometimes It’s awkward and I forget if that’s okay or not maybe you should make your friends organically instead from now on. did I call you rudE? I forget

can’t stop time is money and it’s become my anthem


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