slow walking patchouli in temple town. today is strung on the mental algorithm of impatience.. waiting to hear back about renting a lil one bedroom this week could either be really good or really bad i’ll lose my mind either way. ask the librarian for a book recommendation.

finger flick through you newspaper nightmare/
slow walking patchouli in temple town/
crown-headed in a casino coin/
vacant brain function on sesame street

Mismatched thongs – the skeptic is a modern angler

The black ribbon was hiding in my spine/ I don’t care if you’re poison

Lil lady halfway across the ocean on a wicked Wednesday last September “I got a place to go and poems to write about hearts not rocks” like when she looked at me with coke-stained eyes and said she dug me. Cool cats at the laundromat what’s the point in reading pointless news? do you remember the past? a pregnant cheetah on the coffee machine – bordering Hemingway – a chicken bone in the cobblestone city. City-slumped in lady Paris catch the Japhy express at 9:60

The panopticon is watching … goodbye …

I thought the man with warts on his non-existent hairline must have a lover I could see her poking over his shoulder but it was only a white beard’s cast reflection in a train window.

My head is dead, I don’t care
Reaching Saturn – change into a rock
gold hill outer fringe mad ones
music older than stones
I want to drink wine and trample in your hair
hands in her skirt – have any dreams?
raspberry pill great truth cloud
wondering about the moon men

Thinking childhood worries – why? Thinking current worries – why? all the same degree of severity the change is money (for the sake of) “self-support” and it’s not worth it – why? rather be an op shop bum than worried.

palm tree vision/ paper waste market/ stretched arms for lease/ coffee shop lounge/ over-shoulder reader/ everything in transit/ on the devil’s squeaky bus ride/ don’t call me sir

East coast primaries/ art-deco tint/ scrunched eyebrows of an elderly man/ wasting my time

boys chasing girls in the big tangled mess-world lovestruck cats wear mermaid tails i’m on a disco-glitch trip

In the blue hour of a blue crop-top, my face melted off. twenty minutes of every life is spent eating pad Thai – longer, if you live in Denmark

You have to be fundamentally unhappy to believe in anything

Reading lots and taking the train makes my thoughts zip-bop and I want to write a novel like Kerouac but I have no flow only phrases come mocking even a poem i’m so tired I can’t even respond when an old lady asks where the train goes and I got mad the cashier took so long ringing through my incense and I think
“Quick-cup coffee,
Do you trust neon lights?”
and it’s okay, but what does it mean?

I will love you after I water the plants and my grandma wants to renew my driver’s license


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