Mental (Mop Bucket) Fissures

your great grandfather went to war. came home and taught his sons and daughters that they must respect them now that they are veterans. Those sons and daughters had sons and daughters who they taught to respect them because they were children when there was a war going on and that's what their parents taught…Read more Mental (Mop Bucket) Fissures


Wet Grass

takes the coffee order gets in his car and drives away/ that’s fine but who will give me the wifi password now? this notebook is crap Stop dreaming of the purple donkey sip your foam read Bukowski. The homeless are getting their clothes washed today opposite the exploding bookshop that never sells grip your handle…Read more Wet Grass

In Transit

Enjoy your swim Someone has drawn on your leg I was actually just having a conversation with my uncle do you mind if I call him back? Thank you for allowing me Dollar bills rippled from the illusion of a placed pole or planted shrub - someone’s stress materialized. Deadlines are the death. You have to…Read more In Transit